About us


We are a European wholesale company focused on the export and import of branded detergents and cosmetic products.
Our customers are wholesale companies.
From our headquarters in Banská Bystrica we have been successfully operating on the European market since 2005.

Why choose us?

We have a clear goal
The aim of our business is to supply cosmetic products and detergents to our customers in a prompt and effective way at attractive prices.
On the other hand, we support loyal, reliable, skilled and goal-seeking employees to grow personally, professionally and financially.

Individual approach to the customer
The satisfaction and prosperity of our customers is in the forefront of our business.
Confidence-based relationships with our customers are the priority and have been from the very beginning of the existence of our business.

High-quality range of goods
We specialize in high quality branded goods from premium world-known companies.

Being an expert
Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the international market, we help to improve our customers' survival in today's highly competitive environment.

More than 14 years of experiences in the European market
The story of our business began more than 14 years ago. The company owner was working for a similar company.
Thanks to his active and reliable approach he has built a solid network of clients.
Even after changing the trading sector for a bank office, the clients were still aproaching him and relying on him.
He decided to take a risk and set up his own business, which was built on very good relationships and a high trust.

Thanks to the reliable approach and a strong team running the business, these are the values that we are representing until today.

Company history


nextporter s.r.o was established under trade name of SlovBusiness s.r.o and started trading
as an exporting company within countries of European Union.


Company was trading branded products Colgate-Palmolive, toothpaste and toothbrushes,
later extended its portfolio for others branded sortiment.


We started distribution on our domestic market in Slovakia.


Established the Gallson Group.
nextporter s.r.o. and SlovBussiness s.r.o. became a member of Gallson Group.


We opened nextporter s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.


SlovBusiness s.r.o is changing into nextporter s.r.o due to a dynamic changes and company`s strategy
orientated on people and planned expansion to American, African and Asian markets. 


Change of company strategy. We focus more on export, where we have good experience and a lot of satisfied clients.
Our goal is to enter new markets and to enlarge our product portfolio as well.


We focused on acquiring new partners.

Contact us


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  • E-mail: info@nextporter.com
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