Charming winter in the heart of Slovakia

Charming winter in the heart of Slovakia, offered by surroundings of the metropolis Banská Bystrica


Discover the beauties lying in the heart of Slovakia, which offer a wide range of touristic and recreational interests with unlimited winter pleasures.

Hugged in the middle Slovakia there is the city Banská Bystrica. This “Under Urpín City”, called after the extinct volcano Urpín towering close by the city center, lies in the valley of river Hron among the Kremnické and Starohorské Hills and Poľana.

Thanks to mostly mountainous area of the district, visitors can enjoy mountain hiking and skiing.

Significantly, the relaxation and spa tourism of international importance is also represented. It is instrumental to relaxation and recovery of domestic and foreign visitors.


Skiing for everyone just a few kilometers from Banská Bystrica

Jasná Nízke Tatry

Ski resort Jasná Nízke Tatry is the largest skiing arena in Slovakia. It is located in The Low Tatras, in national park NAPANT on both sides of the hill Chopok and offers over 50 kilometers of skiing slopes of various difficulties, that each skier will love.

For more adrenaline the visitors can visit the freeride zones and DCsnow park.


Park Snow Donovaly

In one of the most famous ski resorts the visitors can enjoy skiing during the day as well as during the evening on slopes of up to 11 kilometers.

Besides skiing there are also two cross-country ski routes and an ice rink.

The visitors can enjoy paragliding, try the sleigh pulled by horses and sled dog ride or ride the snow scooter.

Park Snow cares also about the little ones. The kids can learn how to ski in the biggest kids´ FUN PARK in Central Europe, where there are plenty of attractions for them.


Ski Králiky

Stunning nature of Kremnické Hills and more than 2 kilometers of ski slopes. This is the Králiky ski resort located only 10 kilometers from Banská Bystrica.

The cross-country ski lovers can enjoy the high-quality routes coming from every point of the compass.


Admire the beauties of Slovak nature


Králiky Waterfall

At the begining of Králiky Gorge soars Králiky Waterfall. It is 650 meters high and its water falls to a depth of 7 meters.

The beautiful waterfall freezes in the winter and creates an icy path between the local dolomites.


Keep yourself warm during the freezing winter and jump into the hot thermal waters



Frozen visitors can warm up in the Bešeňová water park and enjoy a thermal bath with a temperature of up to 39 °C, along with a massage or a pearl bath.

The magic connection of the forest and the hot sauna can be spiced up with unique whisking treatment ritual. This procedure perfectly harmonizes the body and the mind.


Aquapark Tatralandia

10 year-round pools and six water slides of Aquapark Tatralandia are not only for children but also for adults. The visitors can relax in Wellness & Spa centre, Tropical paradise or Caribbean.

The adrenaline lovers can visit the unique Surf Waves surfing complex and enjoy a flowboard ride.


Relax in the stunning environment of traditional Slovak spa


Brusno Medical Spa

Thanks to the rich carbon dioxide content are the mineral waters in the valley of Slovenské Rudohorie used to regenerate both sick as well as healthy visitors.

The healing power of four natural mineral springs is used for mineral bath or drinking cures.


Spa Sliač

The rare mineral springs located in Spa Sliač are the jewels in the crown of the area. They are the only ones in Slovakia, that heal thanks to natural spring gas containing up to 99,7 % of carbon dioxide.


Our team wishes you a lot of enjoyment by exploring the beautiful area of Banská Bystrica and its surroundings in winter, as well as in the summer months!

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