Do you know history of wholesalers?

Read a brief article how wholesalers developed. 

It all started in the medieval age, when small businesses were merging in guilds. The main reason was to fight competition.  

It all continued with famous Industrial revolution. In this period, we saw the start of what we can consider today as wholesale business. This is also time when small businesses started to fall by the wayside on favor of big businesses. They could not compete to larger factories and warehouses. Main reason was that larger companies incorporated new technologies and automation. They started to replace small business.

It all affected small businesses. They stared to move to placed where large factories could not be found. Many of the did not survive.

Mass production of goods became more efficient and the ways of transporting were changing as well. At that time people developed better roads, railways and ships. This meant that products could be transport faster and cheaper than before.

Significant impact had development of the Internet and ecommerce. Wholesale selling has become a crucial resource for many small and large businesses.

Thanks to these events, we can perform our work and provide services to our customers today.

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