Don't hang up on old things: rules for decluttering

Do you have old things you don't want to or are not able to get rid of? This is how you could declutter them effectively:


1. Start simple

Start with things you won't have a problem to declutter. Are you going to leave them in a box, donate them, sell or throw them away? Remind yourself of why you're decluttering.


2. Don't feel guilty

Do you own many things that came as a gift, but you've never used them? If you've never worn that old coat, you'd probably never will. Don't store it for nothing.


3. Concentrate on what's staying

Don't focus on what you're getting rid of. Concentrate on what and why to keep.


4. Store documents only if necessary

You really don't need 10 years old bills. Shred old documents and organize the needed ones.


5. Unburden your mind

Decluttering isn't only about things, but also thoughts. Do you really need to run marathon once in your life or lose 2 kilos?

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