Enjoy the summer tourism around Banská Bystrica

A lot of people go on vacations abroad to discover the beauties of this world. We, the people from Banská Bystrica and its surroundings, know that our nature offers some of the most beautiful surprises right around the corner.

In the following article we are glad to tell you about some must-go hiking trails when visiting Banská Bystrica.

Something for stunning view lovers

Thanks to the hilly surface, surroundings of Banská Bystrica offer countless opportunities for hiking. From the scenic overlook of the Kremnické and Starohorské vrchy hills and Poľana you can admire the beauties of the heart of Slovakia from a bird's eye view.

Bystrické sedlo (1190 m. n. m.)

Kremnické vrchy hills offer a stunning view of the surrounding countryside from the height of 1190 meters above sea level. The favorite Bystrické sedlo is very easy to reach, so don't hesitate to hike with your whole family. It is also the main crossroad of many hiking trails and cycling routes.

From recreation center Králiky, you can take the blue hiking trail towards Skalka. After 1.5 km you will easily reach Bystrické sedlo. Take a deep breath for the last steep climb and enjoy a picnic with a magnificent view of the metropolis of central Slovakia.

Panský diel (1100 m. n. m.)

Another breathtaking view on the “Under Urpín City” and its wide surroundings is offered by Panský diel hill. This hill is a part of the Starohorské vrchy hills and is located just above the mining area Špania dolina valley.

The 4.5 km climb to Panský diel starts in Banská Bystrica, on Pieninská Street. The blue marked hiking trail will take you to the top of the hill. For cycling enthusiasts we recommend to do a bike trip.

Water beauties around Banská Bystrica

Fresh air, hot sunrays and rustle of tree leaves all around. The feeling of every warm summer day. Banská Bystrica and its surroundings offer some refreshment as well.

Králická tiesňava gorge and Králický vodopád waterfall

During the hot summer months, you can literally drop in for refreshment to Králická tiesňava gorge.
At the entrance of the canyon you can find Králický vodopád waterfall. The water falls into a depth of 7 meters. Take a break to refresh yourself and continue hiking along the 1 km long canyon.

TIP: Make sure not to overlook the little pathway leading below the waterfall.

The territory is protected by law. You can find a lot of rare plants and animals over there. The whole atmosphere is enhanced by the Farebný potok creek. In some places it washes the rocks that are almost 20 meters high.

You can enter the canyon from the main road located between the villages Králiky and Tajov. The trail is modest, so don't forget to bring your children and parents with you. However, you should pay attention when crossing the wet ladders, they might be slippery.

Nature trail Ortútske jazero lake

The dominating factor of this nature trail is Ortútske jazero lake. Its historical roots date back to the medieval mining times of our region. In those times, mercury was mined in this area.

The lake is unique in Slovakia for its origin. It was created by a bank slide and flooding the terrain depression.

Walking the trail you would also pass the Ice holes which are the local microclimatic anomaly. You can see the icicles until the end of May. Microclimatic anomaly is closely related to vegetation anomaly. Mosses and lichens love to grow here, although you can't find them anywhere else close by.

The natural phenomenon of Banská Bystrica and its surroundings

Do you love to admire the beauties created by nature without any human intervention? You can enjoy some of them close by our city.

Malachovské skalky rocks

The little rocks in the walking distance from the metropolis of central Slovakia belong to the area protected by law. The limestone and dolomite rocks are arranged into specific art formations such rock crates, rock walls and baths filled with rainwater. In addition to rock gardens, you can enjoy the rare fauna and flora in this area.

Starting back in 17th century, there was a high quality gun powder produced in this area. It was used by miners working in the surrounding towns.

You can reach Malachovské skalky rocks by an easy, yet unmarked, path from the Stupy bus stop. After you cross the bridge above Malachovský potok creek the trail will take you about 15 minutes.

A several days cognitive route

If you would like to stay in our region for a longer time, you can be led for a pilgrimage directly from the city center.


Barbara's route

The Barbara's route is a pilgrimage experience which starts and ends directly in Banská Bystrica.The journey is called after St. Barbara, who was a patron of all miners. The mining industry was a huge deal in this area in the past.

The pilgrimage is about 186 km long and it is possible to finish it within 9 days. The pilgrimage is divided into 9 parts. The overnight, as well as the luggage carrying service, are offered as well.

On your way you will see 29 wooden towers, symbolizing the age of St. Barbara, who was 29 years old. The path is easy to conquer.


Our team wishes you many pleasant moments spent exploring the beauties of the surroundings of our town, Banská Bystrica in summer and winter months.

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