How to keep yourself motivated at work?

Some days you are working with enthusiasm, but there are also days when it is difficult to stay motivated. How to keep yourself motivated at work and complete your tasks with passion? Read on for 7 tips that will help you with your motivation at work.

1.  Think about your impact at work

Are you demotivated because your work purpose is unclear? If you feel like you are making someone's life better, your pushing through might be a lot easier. As Larry Page, the ex head of Google said what drives people at Google is knowing they are working on important things and can change the world.

2.  Break tasks up into smaller goals

Divide your project into smaller, reachable goals. Make your to-do list and take one thing at a time. Completing smaller goals will give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to see the progress.

3.  Stop caring about things that don’t matter

Look at your to-do list, and shave anything unnecessary. Doing things that don't matter cost us not just time but also energy. Work on the activities that are meaningful and are part of your larger goal.

4.  To keep motivated at work, ask for feedback

If you did a great job, feedback could serve as a great motivator to stay on track. Don't be scared of constructive criticism. It can push you to work even harder and do better in the future.

5.  Reward system as a great motivator

Give yourself something you can look forward to after finishing the task. You can also always try to inspire people around you. Chocolate, lunch, or a simple 'thank you' can do extremely well.

6.  Motivate yourself at work: Propper wardrobe

Propper clothes can help you to remain focused, especially when working from home. Always dress up for work and don't stay in your pajamas the whole day.

7.  Activities with colleagues

Work is always more fun when it's done in a nice atmosphere. Hanging out with your colleagues at the workplace or afterward (e.g. teambuilding) can be a big motivational factor as well. They might help you to come up with new ideas or solve problems.



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