How to manage everything: Tips for doing a lot before Christmas

Do you belong to the people who are trying to manage everything at the last moment? Are you still getting ready for the upcoming holidays, and would you appreciate some help in managing it all? Read the 7 tips on how to manage everything, especially a couple of days before Christmas.

7 tips on how to manage everything (not only) before Christmas

To be able to manage everything, you’ll need to first manage your time. We all have the same 24 hours a day. How to make the most out of it?


1.Shopping mall plan and To-Do List

In the evening, decide what you want to do the next day and make a To-Do List. Look at your local mall’s website and plot your path of where you want to go to shop for the Christmas gifts. Have a detailed shopping list to avoid excessive browsing and spending money.


2. Divide a big task into small parts


Our mind is more concentrated when the task is realistic. If you need to focus on doing something, you can trick your brain by dividing a big task into small parts.


3. Prioritize and say “NO”


Not everything on your To-Do List needs to be done right away. Identify which tasks should be done ASAP and which can wait. Learn to say “NO” to the things that do not meet your plan.


4. Block out distractions

If you need to be effective and productive, turn off the notifications from your social media or emails. If you are in a hurry, block all the information sources that can distract you.


5. Request gift wrapping

To save time, especially days before Christmas, ask if the store could wrap the gift for you. You don’t need to do so at home and can focus on cooking or baking.


6. Choose the color of your decor

When thinking of what to buy for Christmas, choose the color of your decor beforehand and run with it. You won’t get distracted by something that doesn’t suit you.


7. Hold on to your daily rituals

Don’t give up on your daily rituals only because you need to rush these days. Read before going to bed or do your morning exercise. It helps to keep you calm and centered.


If you are running out of time and see you can’t manage everything, ask for help. Your loved ones can help you with the preparations as well.


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