How to prepare children to go back to school

The back-to-school season is around the corner. A lot of parents are thinking of how to prepare their children to go back to school. Before entering school, they need to feel safe and happy.

9 tips on how to prepare your child for school

The second period of the previous school year was due to the pandemic situation slightly different. Schools were closed, and children studied online with their parents. That's why we believe that after the summer most of the children are looking forward to go to school. We summarized some tips for you on how to make that step as easy as possible.

1.   Talk positively about school

Talk positively about school in front of your child. Remind him, he will finally see his friends, favorite teachers, and he will learn something new.

2.   Start with preparation now

It can take a while for your child to get used to the new regime. It could be useful to start setting up the alarm clock a couple of days beforehand. Explain to your child the importance of hands washing at school as well.

3.   Go shopping

If you already know what school supplies your child is going to need, go shopping together. Allow him to choose the notebooks and pencils according to his favorite style.

4.   Go to school beforehand

Before the first day of school, take a walk to the school and back with your child, so the road doesn't stress him. If possible, enter the premises and have a look at the classroom and changing room. That will help, especially for the younger pupils.

5.   Make it special

Make up a tradition that will be typical for the beginning of the school year. Making the first day of school special will help your young one to look forward to it.

6.   Family calendar

Create a family calendar where you will mark all the important school activities, time-table, and free-time activities.

7.   Going to school for the first time

If your child is going to school for the first time, consider taking a day off and go with him. It's nice if both parents could go to get to know the teacher. Don't forget to put on some nice clothes and bring a flower bucket for the teacher. You can end the first day of school by going to the candy store.

8.   Talk to your child about the importance of staying healthy

Some children might be afraid to go back to school due to the pandemic. You should always make sure to talk with your child about health as well. Don't fear your child by giving orders. Try to explain to him the importance of certain acts instead. Example: It is important not to hug your friends.

9.   Be aware of the current measurements

Always check the latest measurements of your country and explain them to children. Under the link, you can read an interview with a psychologist about the topic.



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