Interview with Laura about Yoga

Yoga day is celebrated on 21st of June. One of our teammates is practicing yoga as well. Maybe some of you know that it is Laura, who is practicing it. In accordance with this, we decided to find out more about yoga, its benefits for the body and mind. Laura shares what helps her to get rid of various thoughts and to concentrate to what’s matters. And, we disclose that actually she is speaking about different things that may be applicable not only for yoga. So, we suggest you to read this short interview and we assure you will find something inspirational;)




1.   When did you first decide to do yoga? Why?

Well, I was just 13 when I decided to practice yoga. The reason was very simple.  I was in Japan at that time and had a lot of stress.  Small kid in a foreign country, you know (smiling).  So, I was looking for some sport or physical activity that will help me somehow and will suit my goal for relaxation.


2.   What were your first steps?

My first steps were YouTube videos with yoga tutorials (laughing). Over time, I tried almost all types of yoga. Previously, it wasn’t such a trend in Banska Bystrica, and not every yoga type was represented. Nevertheless, I was so curious about yoga that I tried almost everything.


3.   Have you tried also hot yoga?

Hmm… not yet, - says Laura smiling broadly.  I am a little bit afraid of it. It may be too hot for me (laughs).


4.   According to your Instagram, you have a pretty advanced level. How did you manage to achieve such results / what is the secret of success in yoga (in the sense of how a beginner can achieve good results)?

I always was pretty flexible and also, I used to dance previously. So, I think that helped in a certain way. But what I think is an important thing that is not to compare yourself to others. Look, when you come to a yoga class or wherever, you see lots of people who are better than you. You see more flexible, advanced, developed and at some point, you may start questioning and doubting your skills and abilities. It’s a very slippery slope. It is better to stick to your own tempo and keep going step by step toward your goal. Someone may come faster, another one slower. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day. What is more important is your comprehension of the process. When you stick to yourself you have a piece inside. And that’s the paramount benefit for you.   Practice yoga frequently and eventually you’ll become better and better in it. Practice makes perfect:)


5.   I’ve heard, concentration is important in yoga. How to achieve it if the brain constantly stimulates different thoughts. What helps you?

Yeah, I am usually fully into the process. I can’t stop thinking about different things I have to do. So, yoga helps me to slow down after work (because I am usually still into things, and when I come home). Yoga brings me the minute of silence. At the beginning of the yoga session, you may still have some distraction but when you go on, they slowly disappear and you have this sense of peace. It’s a gradual process rather than an instant one. You go deeper and deeper into concentration. For me, the best is to focus on the breath.  


6.   How much time a week do you devote to yoga?

Well, the goal is at least 20 minutes per day. However, the reality is that I have longer sessions like 45 minutes 3 times per week.


7.   What are the pros and cons of yoga in general?

Nowadays everything is moving so fast and people feel that they need to adjust to such speed. So, you come to a point when you are always “somewhere” more than you are let’s say “in a moment”.  You always think about the upcoming things and actions, rather than enjoying also the present moments. Thus, yoga helps to stay tuned to myself, enjoy the current moment, and find a good life balance.

Another benefit comes in the context of health and body. Yoga helps you to master your body and to have a great cooperation with it. Other physical activities may unnecessarily strain the body. On the contrary, yoga “celebrates” the body. I feel very pleasant after yoga sessions.

Moreover, I can hook the dress myself (laughing).

And yoga can be done anywhere. You don’t need any complicated or special equipment.

So, as you can see for me personally, yoga brings more advantages than disadvantages. (smiling) But I can understand people who may see the cons. Some people say that yoga is boring. Others say they need more active sport.  I am also active enough, so I practice ashtanga. It is a type of yoga that consists of moves in a certain order. It is quite dynamic and was invented by Pattabhi Jois. And if you just take a look at any ashtanga yoga video, you will be sure it’s full of very alive and active body exercises.  


8.   Can you notice any changes (in you) due to yoga? If so, which ones?

Surely. The main is that I get better concentration and have this feeling of inner peace and joy.


9.   If you describe yoga in 3 words what those words would be for you?

Life savior, tranquility and something that makes me a better companion;)



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