Is working remotely more efficient than working in an office?

Nowadays, many people start to work remotely instead of working in an office. What is better: working remotely or working in an office? Our team looked up some statistics to help you find the answers.



What is remote work, and how does it work

Working remotely means working from anywhere but the office – cafes, restaurants, coworking, a friend's house, park, or, in the case of digital nomads, the beach. Remote work used to be the „privilege“ of freelancers. Now it is the reality for many full-time employees as well. According to Gallup analytics, 54% of office workers would leave their job for one that offers flexible work time.


The difference between working remotely and working from home

Be at work in 30 seconds. How does it sound to you? Working from home is part of working remotely. People who work from home have a cool home office with multiple-screen setups and ergonomic desk chairs.


The popularity of remote work

Remote work reduces the company's costs for employers, including real estate and operating expenses. It also reduces the costs for workers, like commuting, food, and clothing. What is more, a study by Stanford University found an impressive increase in work productivity among people who worked from home. But every coin has two sides. Some workers have problems with defining productivity, self-discipline, motivation at work, or finishing tasks during working hours.


How is working remotely in Slovakia and the EU

Only 3,6% of Slovaks work remotely, which means only 1 out of 10 workers have the „privilege“ of remote work. It is the 3rd most wanted non-monetary work benefit. 11,2 % of freelancers in Slovakia also enjoy working from home.


In the EU, the number is a bit higher (5,2%). The country with the highest percentage of working-from-home is the Netherlands (14%), the lowest numbers go to Bulgaria, speaking of 0,3%. When it comes down to freelance positions, the leader is Finland (46,4%).


People should understand working remotely is not possible for every position, and it is not enjoyable for everybody.

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