Meet our team - Erik Gall

Meet Erik Gáll, the leader and founder of nextporter, s.r.o.

We would like to introduce you to someone who loves trading and his passion is buying and selling goods. Meet the founder of nextporter, Erik Gáll.

Erik is currently holding several positions in the company. He is the owner, representative, organizes the team and at the same time he performs as the main seller.

In the following lines you can read who he truly is, what his life goals are and how nextporter actually started.


Hello Erik, please, tell us how did your „nextporter story” start?

My story, as well as the nextporter story itself, started in 2005, though at that time I did not yet consider setting up a business. I worked for a similar company and I really enjoyed it. However, the company closed its business and I decided to work for a bank.

In the former company I created very solid relationships with my clients. They continued to trust me and ask me for help in their business. I love helping people so I decided to help them as well. And then the idea of establishing my own company came up to me and I started to work on it.


What do you like the most about your job and what, on the other hand, are you trying to avoid?

I have enjoyed buying and selling ever since. However, I must admit that I would rather avoid some administrative tasks. Also a great plus of our working environment is our excellent team.


Do you have someone close to you among your colleagues?

My colleagues are amazing, I can talk to anyone. Everyone is interesting and I appreciate them very much.

The one who is the longest with me is Erik Villiger. I greatly appreciate him for his loyalty, virtue, rationality and the flexibility in solving of any situations.


What do you consider as your greatest success so far?

Work related it is certainly the nextporter foundation. The company has reached a pretty high level and we are able to sell the goods in Europe and beyond. I consider this to be a great success.


What is your life goal?

I will be open and honest with you. It is to constantly be able to push myself to go further, to help more and be a better person. My other dream is to build an amazing expanding company with enthusiastic, smart, capable and positive people.

Do you have any dream destination to travel to?

I used to be very passionate about traveling. At the moment I do not feel it that strong anymore. If I could choose, I would travel to Iceland. I had planned to visit it in the past, so why not reconsider it again?


Last question: What do you use first by cooking, onion or garlic?

(laughs) Usually I do not cook at all. If I would, I would put onion first.


In the future, Erik wants to continue building a strong and loyal team and expand to new markets.
In case you needed to contact Erik, the leader of nextporter, s.r.o., you can contact him under this email address:

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