Meet our team - Juraj Loksa

 Juraj Lokša, our export manager and central Slovakia lover

Juraj Lokša, our export manager, is a fan of his native land and Banská Bystrica region. He was born in Banská Bystrica environs and cares about the happenings and events in his town and birthplace.

Juraj provides the entire export sales of the company. He builds good relationships with the customers. He makes sure that nextporter is able to meet customers' needs and deliver the goods in the best conditions.


Hello Juraj, can you tell us how did your “nextporter story” begin?

After graduation from the Faculty of International Relations I worked in public sector. In 2012, I decided to accept Erik Gáll's offer and started to work for nextporter. The private sector offers me a greater chance of development and more freedom.


What do you like the most about your job?

I like to build relationships with people from all over the Europe and the world. The regional and cultural differences fascinate me. Although we all come from a different environment, we can still talk and cooperate together very well.


How do you like your working team?

Honestly, I think we have a great team. With Erik Gáll and Erik Villiger we are together for almost 7 years. Usually we understand each other even without words. We often feel when and what the other needs. Nika and Laura came to the company a year ago and brought some vitality and energy to our team.


What do you do outside of working with people from all around the world?

I have played football since I was 6 years old. I used to play on a club level but nowadays it's only non-professional. However, the trainings and weekend games are still electrifying hobbies of mine.


Do you like traveling? What countries did you like the most during your travels?

Work-related I traveled across the whole Europe. However, when it comes down to my private life, I have the greatest impressions of Asian countries.


What is your life goal?

To keep improving. I want to be good at everything I'm doing. Thanks to my actions, I want to do good for as many people around me as possible.


What is your biggest success so far?

My biggest success so far is my family and my son, who shines like the star on the life journey of mine.


Practical final question: When cooking, what do you put first, onions or garlic?

Onions, of course.


For the future, Juraj wishes to continue working in the heart of Slovakia. At the moment he has a desire to get to know all the beauties of our charming country.


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