Meet our team - Laura Gallova

Laura Gállová , the purchase manager and a lover of a classic literature

There are two things that characterize Laura Gállová at the first sign. There is always a smile on her face and a high quality green tea on her working desk. She loves the classic Russian literature as well.

Laura works as a purchase manager in our company and she is in charge of buying cosmetics and detergents and research of the new suppliers.


Hi Laura, how did your „nextporter story” start?

I started to work as purchase assistant first. I truly enjoyed working as a purchaser. I was working harder and harder every day and one day I got promoted to be the purchase manager.


What do you like the most about your position?

I really love the freedom and variability, which our company can offer. The breakfasts with my colleagues absolutely got me. As it is said, love goes through the stomach.


How do you like your colleagues and working environment? Who is your best friend?

We have a small team, so the atmosphere is more like a family. I need to mention my favorite colleague Nikolka, who I promised to be mentioned by this question.


What do you usually do when you are done with your work?

After I finish my work, you can find me on a yoga mat or on a sofa reading one of the never ending books of classical Russian literature.


Do you have any dream destination to travel to?

I would love to visit Japan. You know, green tea is important for me. I would like to see its impressive culture and traditions, eat the delicious food and meet those amazing people.


Do you have any secret life goal?

I work for fulfilling my little dreams and goals… but (laughs) any kind of a Nobel prize would be great for sure!


What do you consider as your greatest success so far?

I think my greatest success so far is that in my younger age I managed to travel a lot and see many countries. Another of my great successes is that all of my books in my library are organized by their colors.


Last, but not least: When you cook, what do you put on the pan first, onion or garlic?

I am changing it all the time to be fair.


Traveling around the world has evolved Laura to a completely different level for which she is very grateful.

If you would like to get more information about purchasing the goods, do not hesitate to contact our purchase manager, Laura Gállová under her email address

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