Meet our team - Nikola Bobakova

Nikola Bobáková, our always smiling financial and logistic assistant

Constantly smiling and with a positive attitude, that is our right hand Nikola Bobáková. Nika likes meeting nice new people and learning new things.

She is in charge of payments, loadings, logistics and documents. Any question or requirment about above mentioned topics? Please, do not hesitate to contact her. She is fully competitive to help you fullfiling all your needs.


Hi Nika, when did your „nextporter story” start?

My story for this company started already during my university times. After submitting my thesis I focused on finding a suitable position for starting my professional life. At that time I was introduced to nextporter. I became a part of the team in May 2018 and I cannot be happier.


What do you like the most about your position?

I like that I have an overview on everything. I can see that I am learning a lot every day. My responsibilities and our team are developing me not only professionally but also personally. We support each other and our good relationships create a positive atmosphere in the company.


Do you have any best friends among your colleagues?

We are a very good team and I can get along with all of my colleagues. However, Laura and Juri are exactly my piece of cake. Last year's Santorini teambuilding has brought us together.


What hobbies do you have?

I love reading, nature and I do multiple sports. I run and bike. I love spending time in my grandma's garden. There is always something to do to help around.


Do you have any dream destination to travel to?

I have beautiful memories from visiting Tuscany. It has never been my dream destination, but once I visited it I would love to return there at any time. The landscape, people, culture and architecture of this area is simply breathtaking.


What about your life goal?

My dream is to make people around me happy. I do not want them to ever feel sad in my presence. I truly enjoy when my loved ones are happy and being well.


What do you consider as your greatest success so far?

My biggest achievement so far is finishing my university and being able to find work during the study times. I believe that I have a lot of nice things still coming in my life. I also consider it a success that I am healthy and surrounded by people who love me and support me.


Finally, a funny question: When you cook, what do you put on the pan first, onion or garlic?

Ha, that is interesting. I think it is fifty-fifty. Sometimes I even mix them and do them all together.


If you need information about billing and other administrative tasks, please contact Nikola Bobáková under her email address

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