nextporter and a cat shelter joined their forces

During Easter there was a feast in a cat shelter for abandoned cats in Banská Bystrica. We decided to help to the local cat shelter Bystrická mačačáreň and donated the necessary and nutritious food for their cats.

Nextporter keeps on helping

Our company is always looking for new opportunities to help others. Not all living creatures are able to ask for help themselves. That is why this time we decided to help our four-legged friends - the cats.

The earliest known evidence of the relationship between humans and cats comes from Ancient Egypt. Nowadays, cats are considered as pets and protectors of our homes from rodents, insects and other minor unwanted visitors.

Bystrická mačačáreň – a cat shelter for abandoned cats

Bystrická mačačáreň contributes to happy endings of the unfortunate fates of the cats. It provides warmth, food and veterinary treatment for those cats that are for various reasons not able to get these essential needs.

The cats are often rescued in the last minute. Many times the next hours are crucial for them. For example, the shelter managed to save kittens that were found in a bag with electrical waste.

We decided to help the shelter materially and donated food to feed the hungry bellies of the cats waiting for their new home.

Would you also like to help to Bystrická mačačáreň? You can do so in the following ways:

  • adopt a cat or give her a temporary home
  • financial or material donations
  • help with the transport of the cats
  • help with the promotion of the shelter


Nowadays cats are one of the most popular pets and create the warmth of the homes for many people. However, if they find themselves in a hostile environment, they need our help.

Join us in helping others who want to help and build a better world together for all of us.

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