nextporter story.

As you could read on our website company nextporter started our owner Erik Gall in 2005 as SlovBusiness. But do you know how it evolved?


Erik was working for similar company focused on export and import. After company left the market, because they had another business, he started to work in bank. As a director of that company, he had great relationship with many business partners and clients, so after some time they started to reaching out. After that he stated company, but of course it was not so easy. He had doubts as many others who started their first business, but now he is happy that he made this decision.


During more than 15 years at the market company went though some changes and evolved. Firstly, there was just Erik and then came first employees. Though the years employees came and left, company opened another branch in the Czech Republic, changed the name from Slovbusiness to nextporter and went from distribution in domestic market only to export.


Also, this year has been for our company full of changes. We set new goals, made new strategies in targeting and communication in order to meet clients’ expectations and improve our services for them.


Of course, not everything is so pretty as it seems. As everyone else, we have felt the effects of the pandemic. We struggled some times during the years as well, but we also got through that together. And how?  As a company we stick together and every employee helps. Everybody works as much as he can and never turns his backs and that’s why we are all proud to be part of this company.


But there is also something which will never change. That´s our main aim and goal. We exist because of our customers. Main goal is to supply cosmetic products and detergents to our customers in a prompt and effective way at attractive prices. We will be always reliable partner to our customers. Also, we exist because of our employees and company support loyal, reliable, skilled and goal-seeking employees to grow personally, professionally and financially. 


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