Our colleague Adam showed unusual skills this week

Sometimes we like to challenge each other regarding different things in our team. So it was the case this week. Girls doubted Adam's ability to cook so he promised to cook some delicious thai dish.

The next day, Adam run into the office as thunder carrying several bags of food and cooking utensils. He loudly declared: “today you will taste the best dish!”



Gradually, he began to cut, mix and create magic in the kitchen.




We were surprised at how quickly he got over it all. Apparently he knew what he was doing. As a result, we got a funky and very tasty dish. And we also got to know our new colleague better.


We are glad to get to know each other better. We adhere to the philosophy that in order to know a person, you need to see him in different situations. Challenges and trials sometimes bring out the most clear traits of a person's character and nature. 



In addition, we have many other challenges in our office. Not only in the meaning of work but also a sports one. Adam experienced them for himself. Take a look how it was.

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