Short interview with our colleague Barbara.

We introduce you our colleague Barbara, who works as Export Sales Manager in our company. Find out how her journey in nextporter started, what is her dream destination or what dolleagues do not know about her. 


How did your "journey" start in the next exporter?

“It all started after college, when I was looking for my first full-time job. I was looking for something where I could use my language skills ​​and at the same time work with people.”


What does your day in the nextporter look like?

“I start my day at work drinking coffee with my colleagues, prepare a plan for the day and then throw myself into work. I write to e-mails, send offers, call my clients and in the afternoon, I look for potential customers and call them.”


What do you like the most about your job?

"I like the diversity of my work because it looks different every day. I can constantly improve myself in different areas and meet new people from almost all over the world.”


What are you doing in your free time?

"I love spending time in nature, whether it is cycling or walking with my dog."


What is your dream destination?

"I would like to travel to Indonesia and Australia."


What is your biggest goal in life?

"To be satisfied, happy and constantly moving forward."


What is your biggest success in life so far?

"I consider my greatest success so far that I was not afraid to take the chance to travel abroad alone. During school, I had the opportunity to experience life in America, Canada and Germany.”


Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues don't know about you.

"My colleagues do not know that I have been playing the piano for 6 years and I am currently playing the ukulele."

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