Short interview with our colleague Nika.

Our colleague Nika, who works as an Administration Officer, told us a few things about herself and her work.


How did your journey start in the nextporter?

My journey started during high school, when I was looking for my first full-time job and I found nextporter Usmiaty. I was grateful that I managed to find a job while I was still studying.


What does your day in the nextporter look like?

It starts with breakfast and a cup of good tea. Then there are the work activities connected with our clients, warehouses and various administrative activities that also belong to my work.


What do you like best about your job?

Definitely my colleagues. We are a great team that support and help each other. I also like to communicate with our clients and organize loading or unloading of goods. It's hard in some places, but it's fun :)


What are you doing in your free time?

I try to spend my free time actively. I usually help my grandmother with work around the house, cycling and visiting nice places in Slovakia or abroad.


What is your dream destination?

Sunny Tuscany is still rooted in my heart. I was very pleased that I managed to visit that place this year. I would like to visit Iceland for its breathtaking nature or New Zealand because of the Lord of the Rings.


What is your biggest goal in life?

Constantly moving forward and gaining new experiences and knowledge. Never give up and always stand proudly on my feet and walk on, even during the most difficult moments.


What is your biggest success in life so far?

I have rather mini-successes, I think the biggest one is yet to come. The success is that I have a great job with great colleagues where I am successful and also the strengthening of relationships, whether it is family or friends, is success for me.


Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues don't know about you.

I think they know a lot about me over the years and e.g., they noticed I am in many cases better than guys in physical activities (repairing things, building furniture, cutting wood or reconstruction) Smejúci sa.

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