Team building: rafting on Hron

Hello everyone!


This spring we suppose almost every company had a home office regime. So, since we had spent a few months separately, we decided to organize a team-building and rally the team even more with common activities.

nextporter is not a corporation with a huge hierarchical system. We are more about family company organization. That’s why we love to spend some time together whether making coffee or shared breakfasts in the office, hiking, or doing some outdoor sports. This time the choice fell on water tourism. We decided to carry out rafting on the beautiful river!


As you already know, our office is located in Banska Bystrica. There is a beautiful river called the Hron. River Hron is the second-longest river in Slovakia and flows almost about the entire country for as much as 298 km.




From Banska Bystrica we went to another destination, Nemecka, to get to the rafting start and to raft till Salkova, part of Banska Bystrica. We were greeted by the cheerful Michal, an experienced raft driver and trip leader who provided us a raft and canoe and gave all the necessary instructions. 




The atmosphere was amazing. Special thanks to Michal Šaradín for friendly attitude, good instructions and amazing experience in general on raftingAlthough rafting on the Hron is not dangerous, nevertheless there was plenty of adrenaline for some of our colleagues. One of the raft with our fellow girls accidentally sailed in the wrong direction of the river. There, they passed through fallen trees and bushes and eventually got stuck between a huge parts of a fallen tree. And since the river flow was too strong it was impossible to sail back in the opposite direction. So, the only right option to get out was to put one foot out on a tree and try to throw the raft through it. You won’t believe, but they coped with this task perfectly: at first, they synchronously pushed on the one side, then further they pushed on the other one, and finally, the girls were able to get into free-swimming.



Such an experience unites the team in an incredible way. The girls later on, of course, recalled this moment with a huge laugh. Imagine, how they, without any help, threw the whole heavy boat through a tree themselves and, smilingly, called themselves Strong Women. But, actually, it was the case. And we would like to highlight the fact, that without a mutual assistance and synergies this could not have been achieved.




Thanks to team building, you can learn a lot about your colleagues. We are immensely happy with the fact that we can get along very well and always find the best solutions and a way out of any unforeseen situation.


If you are interested in any other details, we invite you to watch a short and very simple designed video on our YouTube channel about team-building. There is no moment in the video when the girls are stuck on the river since in a stressful moment you immediately forget about the camera :)



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