Teambuilding: Tenerife

With the end of September approaching, our departure date for teambuilding in Tenerife was also approaching.

The plan was to spend a week on this small but beautiful island with an even better team.

We had good conditions for working and building better cooperation, getting to know each other better, communicating more effectively, and trusting each other.

All these are the basics of teamwork, which is the key at nextporter.

It was an opportunity to combine work duties with pleasant, almost holiday ones.


The first days of our stay looked as if we were still in Slovakia - rainy.

We arrived when the worst storm in 10 years was approaching the Canary Islands, but given that Tenerife gets very little rain, it wasn't too bad. :)

But that didn't stop us from exploring the island. We decided to enjoy it with each other's company and a glass of fancy drink.



As we mentioned above, our stay in Tenerife was not only about leisure but also about education and improving our skills. We have proof of that. :)



And now we would like to share with you what we managed to see on this picturesque island.

Our first and probably the most technically demanding stop was Masca.

After overcoming a road full of serpentines, we arrived at a small village, where the number of inhabitants does not even exceed 100. It is a place with beautiful views that you cannot experience anywhere else but here.





Our journey continued to the cliff of Los Gigantes, and as the name suggests, it means "Giants". The rocks are steep and rise to a height of 500 to 800 m.a.s.l., and the only way to get to them is by boat by sea. 


Of course, team building cannot do without trying the local cuisine.



Finally, the weather got better and warm enough to try the Atlantic waters. The direction was clear - Playa El Bollullo




If you haven't noticed yet, almost every beach in Tenerife has black sand. It is because the islands emerged from the volcanic activity of several volcanoes located in the Canary Islands. Sometimes you come across a beach with ordinary, light-colored sand, but in this case, it's more likely to be imported from the Sahara.

After spending the whole afternoon on the beach, it was time for dinner. Even before that, we decided to visit the town of La Orotava, which can be said to be a typical Spanish town, with white buildings and red roofs, and lots of cacti.



Since the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, are mainly known for their volcanoes, we couldn't help but go and see Pico del Teide, one of the highest still active volcanoes. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we did not manage to get to the top of the volcano, but that did not spoil our plans, and we went to see Parque Nacional del Teide at least. 




As we descended from the park, we saw such a beautiful sunset.



Our last evening was a pure celebration, as we achieved the goal and even exceeded it!



And finally, we bring you some photos from our stay at the airport and departure from Tenerife. :)



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