The 10 most popular articles of the nextporter in 2020

We present the most readable articles from our  blog. Let's summarize the results of the year and at the same time find out what interested our readers the most in 2020.

  # 1 Stiavnica's tajchs – relax with a scent of mining history

The top and most popular article in 2020 was the article about Slovak tajchs. They attract local and foreign visitors not only with a fascinating story about saving the region's mining past, but also with their magical appearance. The article briefly and clearly describes the history of their occurrence, as well as which of the 24 tajchs to choose.


# 2 Innovation in laundry detergents: Ariel 3in1 PODS

Innovation accompanies us everywhere. And washing is no exception. The article present Ariel capsules and their benefits. Ariel 3in1 capsules are made for professional use. They clean deeply and leave colored and white laundry clean and soft. They remove even the most stubborn greases. Therefore, the washed clothes will definitely light up not only your day, but also the day of your surroundings.


# 3 Cleaning tips: 5 tips on how to get rid of mold

The cleanliness of the house can sometimes be disturbed. Especially if your house is overtaken by mold. Molds are microscopic fungi that need an environment with increased humidity for their life. They most often inhabit surfaces and corners of walls, bathroom tiles, areas around windows and surfaces behind sofas and paintings. Therefore, we specifically examined how to get rid of mold.


# 4 History of doing the laundry - How people used to wash

This article  analyzes how people have washed in the past, what exactly they have used, and how it affected their lives. The need for washing and a feeling of cleanliness naturally developed with the exchange of furs for textiles. The first mention of washing came from the Sumerians from the period of 2,800 years BC. Initially, it was washed in water from streams and rivers. The clothes were soaked and pounded on the stones. Ash, wood, cereals and roots, bark and fruit of the soap were used to make the soap. What else? Learn more in the article ^ _ ^


# 5 Poisoning with household cleaners and chemicals and how to deal with it

Detergent poisoning can be as dangerous as mold in the house. In Slovakia, about 4,000 people are poisoned every year, of which more than half are children. According to statistics from the National Toxicological Information Center (NTIC), one of the most common causes of poisoning is intoxication with detergents and chemicals. What is the right thing to do in such a situation?


# 6 Christmas traditions in Slovakia

Now is the time to recall Christmas traditions. Christmas traditions accompany us throughout December. And it's incredibly joyful and enjoyable time.


# 7 Meet our team - Laura Gállová

Laura Gállová always tries to have a smile on her face and quality green tea on her desk. She loves reading books, especially classical Russian literature. In our company, as a purchasing manager, she ensures the purchase of cosmetics and drugstores and is looking for new suppliers. How did Laura Gállova’s  journey in nextporter company begin and what does she like most about her work?


# 8 Logistics of the future: What are the new trends in logistics?

The digital transformation of production and logistics processes is constantly advancing. Therefore, today, every modern company is gradually modernizing its logistics processes. We present you some trends and innovations in logistics.


# 9 Export of goods to European countries outside the EU

Every entrepreneur is subject to certain obligations when trading abroad. Various customs formalities need to be carried out when exporting goods to a country outside the EU. It is required to follow some rules. Those who export goods to the countries outside the EU (so-called third countries) need to follow the obligations under Act no. 222/2004 Coll. on value-added tax, as amended. The same rules apply to the third countries under the free movement of goods as well.


# 10 Meet our team - Nikola Bobáková

Constantly smiling and with a positive attitude, that is our right hand Nikola Bobáková. Nika likes meeting nice new people and learning new things.

She is in charge of payments, loadings, logistics and documents. Any questions or requirements about the above mentioned topics? Please, do not hesitate to contact her. She is fully competitive to help you fulfilling all your needs.

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