The most beautiful trips across Slovakia for autumn 2020

Autumn and Indian Summer is made for a stray across Slovakia. The weather is perfect – it is not too hot during the days, and mornings and evenings are refreshing. The nature is colorful, and the autumn sun is shining above our heads. In the previous articles, we gave you tips on trips in summer and winter. Now we are bringing you 9 tips for the most beautiful trips across Slovakia for autumn.

Stunning autumn in Palcmanská maša

In the national park Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise), you can find a little village called Dedinky, which is placed around the largest water reservoir in the national park, beautiful Palcmanská maša. You can hike around in the colorful Slovak nature.

Autumn trip to national park Pieniny and river Dunajec

The symbol of national park Pieniny is the river Dunajec. It creates the entire autumn scenery of the surrounding colorful forests and trees. You can go down the river on a barge, which has a tradition of more than 2,000 years in this area. If you prefer hiking, head to the nature and take the first official Czechoslovak hiking trail with 10 stops.

Autumn bike trip to Kuneradský zámok (Kunerád castle)

If you prefer the transport on two wheels, you should make an autumn bike trip to Kunerád castle. It is in Svitačova dolina (Svitačova valley) in a town called Kunerád. The Castle is surrounded by breathtaking colorful nature. It has new owners, who decided to fully recover it.

Waterfall of Bystrý potok (Bystrý creek): The trip in the heart of Slovakia

Bystrý creek runs through a beautiful valley of the extinct volcano Poľana. The tourist trail will lead you in 45 minutes to the little-known, but even more attractive waterfall Bystrý potok, also known as Bystré or Bystrô. The water falls from a height of 23 meters, making it one of the largest waterfalls in Slovakia.

Autumn trip to Súľovské skaly (Súľov rocks)

Majestic Súľovské skaly are situated in between the cities Považská Bystrica and Žilina. The 8 km hiking trail takes about 2 hours to complete. You can hike towards Castle Súľov or Hlbocký waterfall.

Autumn hike in Roháče

One of the most stunning views on autumn nature is from the top of the Western Tatras, from Roháče. Roháče allows you to do hikes of various levels. We recommend you to check the trip on the map beforehand and head towards the mountain lakes called Roháčske Plesá in Smutná dolina (Smutná valley). They are the lowest placed glacier lakes in Europe.

Autumn view on watermills Oblazy

If you would like to try a modest hike, head to Kvačianska and Prosická valley. Except for the breathtaking colorful autumn scenario, you can see wooden watermills with a live exposition as well.

Autumn castles: Červený kameň

The Castle Červený kameň provides an incredible view of the surrounding colorful nature and parks, and various events. During the rainy autumn days, you will enjoy the castle exhibitions or the purchase of the Castle's 0 € souvenir bill.


Opening hours:

  • September: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 16:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 17:00
  • October, November, and December: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 - 15:30

Every first Sunday of the month it is free to enter.

Autumn wine tasting

The autumn in Slovakia is well known for its wine tastings. In October, you can look forward to wine tasting in Záhorie region or at Bojnice castle. Cheers, our friends!


photo from pixabay

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