We celebrate! 14th anniversary of nextporter

November 23, 2005, was perhaps just an ordinary day for most people. However, for us it meant a new beginning and a start of a new chapter in our lives. It was on this day when Erik Gáll established the nextporter company under its original name, SlovBusiness.

In honor of our 14th anniversary we would like to look back at our beginnings and the journey we have taken alongside with you since then.

The story of our company

The beginnings were hectic for us. We had loyal and trusting customers on our side, so we had to jump on the fast and professional train immediately. Initially, we focused on exporting cosmetic products exclusively to Western European countries. They were mainly Colgate products that started our business.

After two years we put our heads together and decided to distribute on the domestic market as well. Thanks to continuously expanding range of products, our customers had a lot to choose from.

We decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our company by planning to enter the Czech market. The vision was transformed into reality a year after, in 2016.

How was the name of our company created and what it actually represents

The company was renamed as nextporter in 2017. Due to dynamic changes and strengthening strategy focused on our customers, we decided to rename our company. And what could only follow SlovBusiness? A new step. Next step. Thus, the first part of the name was created.

Second part of the name, porter, is derived from the word port. We wanted our clients to perceive us as a port, so they know they are safe with us. The international name should also help us enter foreign markets.

Trust is our privilege

Nowadays, we continue in strengthening our strategy focused primarily on you, our customers, and your maximal satisfaction. We want to grow externally, as well as internally. We target on exporting to new markets as well as on the growth and development of our employees. And we stick to our motto: "Trust is our privilege."


Join our 14th anniversary celebrations! Our team believes that more celebrations are still coming. We hope we will continue to meet your expectations, which will lead to increased mutual trust.

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