We celebrate 16th birthday!

Celebration of 16th birthday! 


For most people 23.11. is an ordinary day, but for our company it's one of the most important days of the year.

TODAY we celebrate our 16th BIRTHDAY! 


In honor of our birthday we would like to say BIG THANK YOU to all of our partners. We couldn't make it without you. 

You can read various stories about the establishment of nextporter on our blog (here and here) as well as an interview with Erik (here) , who is the owner of our company.

Today's blog post won't be just another story of the establishment of our firm. It will be about people - our EMPLOYEES. 

 Our company in not only about numbers, plans or graphs. It's also and mostly about people, who together create one of the greatest teams we ever had in this company. Without our team we wouldn't be improving our results and celebrating 16th birthday.

 So we would like to thank every single one of our employees, to the ones who worked and also are working for nextporter to this day. Every single person played an important role in the life of nextporter and thanks to that we can celebrate our 16thbirthday today. 

Special thanks belongs to our current employees, who stayed even though it has been a rough year. This year was not easy for any of us based on the many changes in our company and turbulent situation on the market, but thanks to our team we handled it very well. We appreciate hard work of every member of our team. We've challenged ourselves, haven't given up and so here we are now celebrating our birthday! 

As a way of expressing our gratitude, nextporter supports loyal, reliable, skilled and gool-seeking employees to grow personally, professionally and financially. We regularly educate ourselves in order to improve our skills and became highly-skilled professionals in everything we do. 


So our big thanks belongs to you, OUR EMPLOYEES! 


We cannot deny that we make pretty good team together 

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