We help children from the orphanage

In our company we believe that children are our future. We decided to focus on them in our next project and we helped the orphanage - Srdiečko Center. We contributed to the running of their daily activities.

Help the orphanage –Srdiečko Center

In our previous blog we mentioned that helping others is a beautiful thing. And now imagine that thanks to your business, you can constantly help and make others happy.

We decided to choose to go this way and as part of our social responsibility project, we donated our products to the orphanage - Srdiečko Center. We donated detergents and cosmetics being used by them on a daily bases.

Meet the orphanage –Srdiečko Center

The orphanage – Srdiečko Center is a non-profit organization that provides professional help to children in need. Since 2008 it has been providing foster family care for children taken away from her biological families.

It helps to identify children in danger and helps the families in danger. The center provides social counseling and family therapy.

Some of the projects run by Srdiečko Center:

  • work in the terrain
  • social - psychological counseling and family therapy
  • help abused women with children
  • camps for foster families
  • helpline for the people in need
  • professional activities of psychologists, educators, special educators and social workers


At the moments there are 19 children in the orphanage in Banská Bystrica. Outside the center, there are 3 foster homes that provide professional care for 6 children. They prepare children for different life situations, help them to become independent and develop their self-esteem and self-expression.


The values such as trust and helping others have characterized our business from the very beginning of its existence. That is why we would like to invite other companies and individuals who can help. Join us and be the change you would like to see in the world. It is easy to make the world a better place.

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