Characteristics of a bad sales manager

In the previous article, we described the qualities of a good sales manager. Sales are not easy, and not everyone is meant to embrace it as a career. In this article, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of a bad sales manager.

5 characteristics of a bad sales manager and how to recognize them on the first go

Not everyone is born to succeed in a tough, stressful, and competitive selling world. The biggest indicator is the numbers. If they are dropping, the company might consider whether there is the right person in the right place. What could be the reasons for the failure?

1.The fear of rejection

Sales managers who fear rejection are not able to survive in a fast-changing marketplace. As a sales leader, you can try to recalibrate the feeling of rejection. Put an empty jar in the office and place a stack of coins next to it. Each time when someone gets rejected, they put a coin into the jar. That teaches rejection makes you richer, both mentally and financially.

 2.The lack of social empathy

Selling is a people-centric business. Without being able to establish an authentic and genuine connection with clients you can't go anywhere. If a sales manager doesn't feel what his client needs, it can ruin the selling process.

 3.Focusing on products instead of people

Ordinary people don't care about the products. They care about how products and features solve their problems. A bad sales manager focuses on describing the product instead of explaining its benefit to one's life.

 4.The person is not into sales

Some people are in a sales position only for the money and don't care about solving the problems of their customers. They don't understand sales is a passion as well.

 5.Passive aggressiveness

If a sales manager is passive-aggressive, this, sadly, requires immediate action or removal.


Everybody has certain talents and abilities. And if sales are not your cup of tea, there are still plenty of other opportunities for a successful career.


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