On Friday, October 22, we did teambuilding at work - breakfast and games, through which we strengthened relationships and we had fun.


The original idea was hiking, but since we agreed that it was cold for hiking, we decided to have breakfast together and we moved hiking, when weather is better.

We ordered breakfast from café Bottova Coffee in Banská Bystrica. French toast, pancakes, benedictine eggs or tortillas - everyone found something which they like.




In the first game, we had to find out what kind of person/ character we are and find our partner. Then we played each one separately and used questions to find out our identity. Personalities such as fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Czech president Miloš Zeman, Budha, Elizabeth II., or our colleague Dominika appeared.


 We played also game Alias. We split into three teams. The first team consisted of the youngest colleagues - Dominika (buyer), Matúš (export seles manager) and Laura (head of purchasing). The second team consisted of Erik (owner), Nika (administrative officer), Peťa (marketing manager). The third team consisted of Erik (financial director), Michal (executive director), Baška (export sales manager).


The game consisted of several activities - pantomime, based on description guess objects / words, name objects for the selected letter and based on description find out the name of the personality/ celebrity.


The final was tight, but the winners were Dominika, Laura and Matúš. As a reward, colleagues had to prepare them what they wanted - e.g. coffee. The defeated team had to run around the building.


We evaluate teambuilding positively and we will definitely repeat it together.


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