We are moving!

We have a huge news for you! Nextporter is moving to Kraliky, a nearby village near Banska Bystrica. Village is located in mouintains (Kremnicke vrchy), it is a famous ski resort and is surrounded by beautiful nature with a view of Banska Bystrica.

Why did we decide to move? Nextporter is constantly expanding. The main goal is to provide all employees with more space for work, comfort and a feeling of home. Thanks to this step, the opportunity opens up for more team events such as shared breakfast (on the beautiful terrace in summer), barbecues, more team buildings, or sports events that Kraliky provides. There is an opportunity for employees to bring their pet to work, and in the future we are considering opening a kindergarten in the area, which would make it easier for mothers.

The building (former boarding house) is currently being renovated and is being prepared for our relocation, so we will show you at least a few photos of the environment and the building itself. Later, of course, photos after the remake and how we settled there.



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