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Banská Bystrica – the metropolis of the central Slovakia

In the heart of Slovakia embraced by mountains, in the valley of the river Hron lies the city Banská Bystrica.

Discover the mining history of the medieval royal town, currently being the most important economic, administrative and cultural centre of central Slovakia and the headquarters of our company.

The history of Banská Bystrica began in the 13th century. Families of Slavic colonists came to the originally small settlement called Bystrice and established the base of the mining production. Precious metals such as silver and copper were mined here. Mining became a major source of the settlement's income. Due to the increasing importance it had been promoted to a city.

The golden era was in the 15th and 16th centuries thanks to the well known Thurzo-Fuggerian copper company.

During World War II Banská Bystrica became the centre of the Slovak National Uprising. This armed resistance against fascist occupation is the famous milestone in the history of Slovakia. Nowadays these events are being remembered by the Slovak National Uprising Memorial in the shape of split heart and in the outdoor Military museum.

The historical center of Banska Bystrica is declared for an urban conservation area since 1955. While strolling around the city center you can admire the medieval royal atmosphere of the castle area, majestic churches and Renaissance houses.

The Calvary hill Urpín towers in the center of the city, after which Banská Bystrica is called "Under Urpín City". The Calvary from the 17th century is located on the northeastern side of the extinct volcano.

You can take a ride on the historical train called Pretorium and enjoy the tour through the most exciting historical sights of the city, which are going to be introduced to you in the following lines.

The part of the historical center of the city is the castle area. The castle area consists of Barbakan, Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Matthias' House.

Barbakan is one of the most famous medieval gems of the castle complex. The most visible feature is the Petermann Tower, a bell tower with three bells. The castle area used to be entered through a bridge over a moat. Nowadays you can enjoy a concert, lunch or a coffee in the premises.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the oldest building in Banská Bystrica. Inside you can see the jewels of the Gothic art in Slovakia, such as the altar of St. Barbara, the patron of the miners. The altar was created by the most famous sculptor in Slovakia - Master Paul of Levoča.

The house of King Matthias Corvinus, Matthias' House, has the coat of arms of the king on the facade of the building. This five-storey house is the oldest secular sight of the castle complex. It is integrated into a miner's bastion. Nowadays it houses the Central Slovak Museum with the treasury.

You can stroll through the pedestrian zone of the large Slovak National Uprising Square and admire the brownstone burghers' houses. Enjoy the view at the houses of wealthy people such as Thurzo's House, the Clock Tower, The Marian Column, The Stone Fountain and the Black Granite Obelisk.

The Clock Tower offers a stunning view of the Slovak National Uprising Square and its surrounding area. After you climb up 101 stairs, you can enjoy the view from the high of 20 m. It is the most famous and most visible landmark of the square. The Clock Tower hosts two different clocks – the upper one and the lower one. The Clock Tower is called “leaning” due to its tilt of 68 cm. In the past the tower was used as a watchtower.

The Marian Column boasts with a 245 cm tall statue of the Virgin Mary. It is the symbol of gratitude for the end of the Great Plague epidemic.

The singing Stone Fountain offers pleasant refreshment during the hot summer days.

The Black Granite Obelisk was built in honor of the Red and Romanian soldiers who died by helping to liberate the city during the World War II.

In the Old Town Hall building you can admire a beautiful neo-baroque chandelier, the original door and various frescoes paintings. Currently the office of the City Information Center can be found there.


The historical city center, its modern development and the beautiful surrounding countryside offer a wide range of options for every visitor. Visit Banská Bystrica, the headquarters of nextporter, your favorite exporter and importer of branded cosmetics and detergents.

Our team wishes you a lot of nice moments by admiring the beauties of our royal city.

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