Cold calling: How to improve it and what to avoid

Cold calling is one of the strongest selling strategies in the nowadays world. How to improve your calling methods, and which mistakes to avoid? In this article, we prepared for you a brief description of cold calling’s dos and donts.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is a sales activity when the sales representative reaches out to a potential client regardless of the interest in the offered product or service. It’s a target-driven sales communication tool made through a phone call without any prior contact of the two parties.

An intro of a cold call can sound like this: “Hello, Mr./Ms. X, this is Mr. Y from company Z. Our company is working on solutions to help *this and that*. Would you be interested to hear more about it?”

Right after the receiver hears the words, their instinctive reaction is to say no and hang up. People don’t like being caught off guard with an unprepared conversation. How to change the point of view of your receiver and make a connection?

Improve your cold calling methods

First of all, the caller has to define his audience and identify their decision-maker. Calling right after the prospect opens your email can result in a 32% higher connect rate. Focus on four main areas:


don’t underestimate the preparation

choose the best time for the calls

use special techniques to follow during the calls

turn the call into meeting

TIP: Cold calls due to their high rate of rejection can benefit from sales motivation books.

Handle rejection like a pro

Rejection is a necessary part of sales. No one closes 100% of their sales. To get over the fear of rejection you can track the “funniest rejections” of the team where the worst one wins a prize.

TIP: When your prospect says “no”, appreciate their honesty and ask why they don’t think your company can help them. At this moment, stop selling and do it only to learn.

5 cold calling mistakes you should avoid

Did you pick the right candidate for the selling position? The most common mistake is poor preparation. Read on the 5 cold calling mistakes a good seller should avoid.

A weak intro

Master your introduction and learn it by heart. Your voice is the only weapon you have in this type of sales, so sound confident.

Scripted calls

Every call should have a structure and needs to have some consistency. However, cold calling is an Oscar-winning performance. Use a script but don’t just read the lines, be human, and have emotions. Ask open-ended questions to unlock the conversation.

Being unable to listen

The seller needs to listen to what the other end says or asks. Every person wants to be heard, so don’t minimize their concern by taking over them.

Failure to take notes

Track your calls, and record information. Notes help to build a rapport and are especially helpful in speaking the same language as the prospect.

Don’t hit the brakes after a bad (or a good) cold call

Was your call a disaster? Don’t give up! On the other hand, don’t get too passive after one closed sale either. Keep up your good work, and leave the celebrations for the end of the month when you get the paycheck.

Do you have any experience with cold calling? Share with us your impression of the seller.


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