Happy Birthday, nextporter!

November 23rd is a special date for nextporter and all its employees, because on this day, nextporter celebrates its 17th birthday!


Yes, you counted correctly, we have been on the market since 2005, but originally under the name SlovBusiness, from which we changed our name to today's nextporter in 2017.
If you would like to know more about our history and how the entire nextporter was established, we recommend you to read our story.


Dear nextporter,
We wish you many more successful years on the market, satisfied and loyal partners, a lot of exported and imported goods and last but not least, a great team of employees!


An important, if not the most important, essence of nextporter are its employees.
If it weren't for their loyalty, reliability, skill, purposefulness and many other qualities, nextporter would not grow more and more each year as it has until now.

 Of course, on the birthday of our company, we would like to thank you and our partners and customers for your recognition and support. We believe that many more years of mutual cooperation await us!

Let's do this!

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  • Kralicka 594/117
  • 976 34 Kraliky
  • Slovakia
  • Tel.: +421 (0)905 946 616
  • E-mail: info@nextporter.com
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