5 fun ways how to spend an autumn weekend

Autumn is for some people their favorite time of the year due to the colorful nature. Though, some might not fully enjoy the rainy weather and colder days. Many people don't know what to do during the weekend, especially if the weather is not great. Read on the 5 fun ways how to spend an autumn weekend.

1.  Autumn pumpkin picking

Autumn is pumpkin season. Make a pumpkin soup or a yummy pumpkin pie. Try also to find a big pumpkin for jack-o-lanterns, especially if you have children. Allow them to draw a face on it and help them to cut out the pieces. Empty the inside and leave the seeds to dry out. Put a candle inside of the pumpkin and place it on your balcony, in the front or backyard.


2.  Autumn cooking

What is a better opportunity for a new recipe than a rainy autumn weekend day? Bake a cake or make a complicated dish you've never tried before. You can also try some traditional apple pie, baked chestnuts or pumpkin dishes mentioned above.

3.  Autumn chestnuts modeling for children

Autumn is the only time when you can pick chestnuts fallen from the trees and use them for handicrafts. Show your children how to make animals from chestnuts connected with little pieces of a skewer.

4.  Explore the autumn nature in your neighborhood

A quick walk in warm clothes will wake you up better than a cup of a coffee. Seeing the colorful nature around, especially on a sunny autumn weekend day, will put you in a positive mood. You will make the most out of autumn scenery by taking some pictures.

5.  How to spend an autumn weekend in your household

We would bet there is at least one thing you never have time to finish in your household. Take this opportunity to do so. It could be anything: Rearrange your wardrobe, put the documents in order, or repair broken cupboards.


Happy autumn, friends!


pictures from pexels

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