5 tips on how to make a rainy autumn day better

The autumn has come hand in hand with not only colorful nature in Slovakia but also with its typical autumn weather. The days are shorter, colder, and rainier. Our nextporter team always stays positive, and that's why we are giving you 5 tips on how to make a rainy autumn day better.

Fight the autumn depression – make the rainy days better

Rainy and cold weather in autumn is negatively affecting the minds of more of us. During rainy days we are getting less vitamin D, which is responsible for creating the hormone of a good mood, serotonin. People can feel tired and apathetic. How do you make your autumn mood better?

1.   Positive thinking in rainy autumn days

Positive people are happy without the outside and weather conditions and circumstances. You can learn positive thinking by suggestion, saying goodbye to your negative thoughts, and the changing of your life towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

2.   Spoil yourself and relax

Which season is more suitable for curling up with a blanket or having a hot bath than rainy autumn? Make your days nicer by visiting a wellness center. You can try meditation, aromatherapy with a calming lavender oil, or phytotherapy. The natural antidepressant is for example bee balm or ginseng. You can have a small bite of chocolate as well.

3.   During rainy autumn days you should read books

We bet you have an unread book or a book you always wanted to read but never actually did. When would be a better moment for it than the one when you can listen to the rhythm of the raindrops on the window?

4.   Autumn delicacies

Who would not love the legendary pumpkin soup, sweet apple-pie, or hot chestnuts? They will keep you warm throughout the cold and rainy autumn days.

5.   Active lifestyle

Exercise is the best cure for a bad mood and autumn depression. Spend the mornings in the gym or try to do yoga.


How do you keep yourself happy during the rainy autumn days?

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