A strong and satisfied team is the key to success

                                                                                     A strong and satisfied team is the key to success

Teamwork is about cooperation, effective communication, responsibility and especially about trust. If the team members cooperate well together, it reflects in the corporate culture. A strong team is the key to reach the best results in your company. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your employees.

We visited Santorini together last year

Last year in October we decided to combine business with pleasure and strengthen our team spirit. We packed our summer clothes, swimsuits, notebooks and pens. Laptops were put into a separate hand luggage to prevent them from scratches from our snorkels.

Our whole team visited a beautiful Greek island called Santorini.


The island Santorini is well known mostly for its unique Cyclades architecture with its typical white and blue colored houses.

The crystal clear beaches represent almost every color. You can see the classic yellow colored sand beaches, a red one and also a beach with black sand. 

We decided to take a narrow and steep path along the lava stones heading to the most famous beach of the island, the Red Beach. Later, we explored rocks of volcanic origin that tower above the beach.


We could not wait to see the capital of the island, Fira. When walking through the aisles lined with scenic architecture we felt like in a dream.
Our favorite, however, was the village called Oia, which tower over the sea on a volcanic rock. Of course, a photo shoot at the beautiful sunset could not be missed. 

Education with morning warm-up workout 

As a company, we want to continually progress and make our services more efficient.

Therefore, we decided to build up our team spirit in such a non-traditional environment.

The sea air cleared our heads and prepared a place for new thoughts and ideas.

Every morning we enjoyed a warm-up workout together. After the exercise we were ready for the training that continued throughout the day.

And evening? That is when these beautiful pictures were taken.


Warm greetings from Nika and Laura, who take care of administrative and purchase in our company.

In case you consider whether to invest or not to invest in teambuilding with your colleagues, our advice is a definite yes. It was totally worth it.


Our team wishes you a lot of nice moments spent with your colleagues.

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